About Limfjordsbanen

Limfjordsbanen is an association with around 40 railway interested members - all members of Dansk Jernbane-Klub (DJK) - who spend their spare time on keeping the wheels rolling. Limfjordsbanen is a supported association under the "fritidslov" and part of our expenses is covered by Aalborg kommune.

AHJ ML 5206 on its way out of our depot throug Banedanmarks depot in Aalborg

Limfjordsbanen has run heritage trains around Aalborg since 1973, mainly between Aalborg station and Aalborg Østhavn. It is run by voluntary members of the association.
Limfjordsbanen was started because of the possibility to restore the old steam engine FFJ 34 from Aalborg Privatbaner.

The train almost glide over the tracks

All work is voluntary and unpaid, which is why a large part of the work is done by volunteers. Therefor we need all artisanal disciplines covered and the ones we do not master ourselves we have to learn.
Limfjordsbanen has over 30 preserved vehicles, including 3 steam engine, 2 diesel locomotives and 2 railbusses.
The running of the heritage railway has been financed exclusively via ticket sales since 1973, and some contributions from both individuals, businesses and foundations.

Halt sign at Gug station

Aalborg Havn own and maintain our "home track" to Aalborg Østhavn, which is a big help for us.

To be active at Limfjordsbanen you need to be a member of Dansk Jernbane-Klub. You can become a member by visiting jernbaneklub.dk (Danish only) and click on "Bliv medlem".
As a member of DJK you will receive the journal "Jernbanen" 6 times a year along with the ability to participate in railway related events arranged by DJK.