Your own train

Limfjordsbanens is able to run special trains according to your wishes.
Our ability to run special trains are currently limited on the rails around Aalborg. We can run a special train between for example Aalborg and Skørping, the only factor is when we can get to run in between the other trains on the rails.
Another possiblity is to run on the route to Aalborg Østhavn. It is much easier for us to arrange a special service on this route. According to your wishes we can run the service on the whole or part of the route, we can even arrange photo stops on the way.

A big number of people waiting to board the heritage train

Special train at the Østeraadalen halt

At the moment our heritage train can be headed by a steam engine coupled to 4 two axeled coaches with open ends, and space for up to 180 passengers.

The price for a train on the track to Aalborg Østhavn can be obtained by contacing Limfjordsbanen.

Passengers enjoying our heritage open ended carriages

The view from our heritage open ended carriages is quite good

Tickets for a special train between Aalborg and Limfjorden halt

If you are interested in getting your own special service contact us via Morten H Larsen on phone +45 30 59 70 18, or via our contact page.